Border Crossing

Information on Crossing The US - Canada Border

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Identification Requirements

As of June 1, 2009 a passport, US Passport Card, NEXUS card or other approved document will be required if you are travelling by land or sea. A passport is not required for children 18 and under, but they do require proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate. These changes apply to Canadians travelling to the US, and US visitors to Canada returning home. These are US government requirements to enter or re-enter the US. Although our US guests do not need a passport to enter Canada, they do need one to return home.

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Guests With Criminal Records

Visitors to Canada who have any kind of criminal record may be denied entry. Even if you have entered Canada before, new screening procedures may lead to you being turned back. Impaired Driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, may be a misdemeanour in a visitor's home state, but in Canada it can be an indictable offence. There are three basic procedures available that can allow you to legally enter Canada if you have a criminal record.

Granted Rehabilitation

You can apply through a Canadian Consulate or certain border crossings to have your record examined by immigration officials. There is a non-refundable administration fee that is usually $200 Canadian. With a successful application, you will receive a letter stating that you have been Granted Rehabilitation, and you will now be allowed to enter Canada freely any time. We suggest that guests who are considering making an application for Granted Rehabilitation contact the NOTO office so that we can explain the process in more detail and direct them to the best point of contact.

Deemed Rehabilitation

If more than 10 years have passed since your last indictable offence, and no subsequent offences have occurred.  There is no fee but this is at the discretion of the border official.

Temporary Resident Permit.
A permit that may be granted for a single visit or more.  The fee is $200 and it is recommended to apply ahead of your trip, and as for the cost you may be better off applying for Granted Rehabilitation.

Border Crossing Tips

  • Have your Identification documents at the ready

  • Have a list of alcohol and tobacco that you are bringing into Canada - when asked just hand the customs officer your list

  • Be straight forward and to the point

  • Be cooperative - try not to argue with the agent or amongst yourselves

  • Don't offer information if you are not asked