Lake Maps

Sydney Lake Map

Sydney Lake

Sydney Lake area map, shows Sydney and Kilburn Lakes as well as surrounding lakes and rivers. This is a higher contrast map which makes the water and land easier to differenciate.

Sydney Lake is fly-in only and has fishing for walleye, northern pike and lake trout.

Full Size Lake Map (Adobe .pdf file)

Kilburn Lake

Kilburn lake is navigatable throughout its three arms and is accessed at its south end through the Sturgeon River.

The "Narrows" is one of the best fishing spots with a small current that provides highly oxegenated water for both bait and sport fish.

Close up of Kilburn Lake, for more detail see the Sydney Lake area map above or the depth contour map with fishing spots below.

Kilburn Lake Map
Sydney Lake Depth Map

Depth Contour Map

The Depth contour maps show soundings for Sydney and Kilburn Lakes. They are especially popular fishing maps that show structure and make finding spots a breeze.

New for 2017 we have added features including common fishing spots, reefs and more place names on the "New" map.

New Depth Map (Adobe .pdf file)

Middle Kilburn

Middle Kilburn Lake has fishing for Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Walleye. 

We have a 16' boat and 15hp motor on the lake for you to enjoy a portage lake adventure.

The lake is reached from the West Arm of Kilburn via an easy 250 foot portage.  In the map it is the portage on the bottom left, the one to the right is a canoe route.


Middle Kilburn Map
Kurn Lake Map

Kurt Lake

The portage into Kurt Lake is a moderately one at a half mile and the first 400' are uphill through soggy ground. 

We have a 12' boat that is cached at the end of the trail and a small motor available to take from camp.

Once at the top of the hill its easy trekking from there to the lakeshore.  Kurt lake is a deep lake with a maximum depth of more than 110'. 

Lake Trout and Pike are abundant here with good trout fishing off the first point on the west side as you exit the small bay and on the lake side of the two reefs.

Sturgeon River

Sydney Lake is located near the headwaters of the Sturgeon River System.

The Sturgeon River connects Sydney Lake via "The Gap" on the south, to Bottle Bay in the west and Kilburn Lake in the north east.. 

From Sydney Lake The Sturgeon River flows south through Rowdy Lake, and several others before it empties into the English River. 


Sturgeon River Map