Northern Pike Fishing Trips & Tips 2024

Northern Pike
Northern Pike Fishing

Fly-In Northern Pike Fishing

Fly-In northern pike fishing is truly an exhilarating experience. Large ones fight with amazing power and speed, can break equipment and leave you scarred for life.

Watch out for sudden breaches near your boat that can leave you soaking wet with the flick of a tail.

These monsters are caught off of rocky points, near moving water, lurking in the deep and in weedy bays. Pike like almost any bait, especially spoons and crank baits.

The best time to fish for pike is in the summer months of July and August with a slight preference for July. Searching our records we have found that on average, the most trophy pike are taken in the month of July. This includes many people who have caught multiple trophies on a single trip. 

All months yield trophy pike and a spring or fall trip will leave you satisfied, yet yearning for more.

Trophy Northern Pike Fishing

Trophy northern pike fishing the big game fish of the Canadian north. Sydney and Kilburn Lakes are located in Ontario's Trophy Waters for good reason - the size and number of trophy pike that are caught each year.

To get a hat & pin as a master angler you need to have a picture and a witness of your catch. Fish are measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the pinched tail. The largest pike caught each year in the trophy waters wins a free fishing trip for the following year.

Carefull handling and timely release of the fish is encouraged for high survival rates, that ensure these monsters grow to be caught again even bigger.

A trophy northern pike is one that is larger than 38 inches - that's on average 17.3 lbs. Every year many trophy pike are caught and released to grow bigger.

Several every year are in the high 40 inch range which are big fish over 30 pounds. Some of the pike caught are over 50 inches (35 + pounds) and some are big - huge in fact but never landed.

Trophy Northern Pike
Canada Northern Pike

Northern Pike Tackle and Equipment

Start with a medium - heavy rod thats between 6'6" and 7' long matched with a baitcaster or open face reel that will take 12-25lb line.

To start off use a steel leader, these babies have sharp teeth that will slice your line with one head jerk.

Think bright colors! Bait-casting or spinning reels rods spooled with 10 to 20 pound line are suggested. Tandem spinner baits in 3/8- to 1 -oz. sizes are excellent. Choose chartreuse, gold or silver blades matched with white or fluorescent skirts.

Northern pike fishing tackle should include a selection of spoons, including Silver and gold Dr. Spoons, five of diamonds and red/white. Don't overlook a Daredevil or Little Cleo in silver/chartreuse combos, at least 3/4oz. in size.

Mepps or Blue Fox spinners. Use blades in 4 and 5 size and larger. Silver or fire tiger blades are good, including prism blades. The larger Mepps Minnows are great - in blade sizes of 4 and 5. Northern Pike have razer sharp teeth so steel leaders are suggested on the spinners.

Larger minnow lures are fun for top water action. Rapalas, Husky Jerks, Rebels, etc. Rat-L-Traps in larger sizes, emphasis on nickel and chartreuse. Also 6-8 inch Suicks. Fishing Northern Pike using top water techniques is exhilarating when they break the surface!

Norther Pike Fishing Tips & Techniques

Casting is by far the most common technique for catching big trophy pike. They strike at the time you are almost least suspecting and have the power to rip the rod right out of your hands if you are not paying attention.

Pike are found most often along the shore near creek mouths, reefs, rocky points and shallow weedy bays. Still water near small waterfalls is an excellent place as is the break between calm and faster moving waters.

Cast in a fan pattern when you have picked out a target spot, moving from right to left or left to right to draw in nearby fish with a consistant pattern.

Try the deep water side too - big northern retreat to deeper water when spooked and are often overlooked. Let the lure sink for several seconds before starting your retrevial.

Canada Trophy Northern Pike
Ontario Pike Fishing
Northern Pike Teeth
Northern Ontario Pike Fishing
Ontario Canada Northern Pike Fishing Trips

Fly-In Northern Pike Fishing Trips

Remote fly-in northern pike fishing trips on Sydney and Kilburn lakes are full of thrills and spills as you catch yourself a trophy of one of the largest freshwater predators. Be ready for severed lines and hooks spat back at you, in addtion to the sudden plunges, screaming reels and surface breaches.

Trips run from 3 to 7 days and are packages that include your float plane trip to and from Kenora Ontario, boat, motor, gasoline, cabin and conservation fishing license. Guides are available to get you to the best spots on day one.

Trophy pike have been put back into the waters here for years to grow and be caught again. Enjoy great walleye and lake trout fishing at in addtion to hammering trophy pike.

Space is limited, check to see if your prefered 2024 dates for a fly-in northern pike trip are still available.