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31 inch walleye caught at Sydney Lake - Ontario Walleye Fishing

Legendary Walleye Fishing

Walleye fishing is a favourite amongst fishermen at Sydney Lake Lodge for good reasons. 

First the action - walleyes are a great fighting fish famous for their fast hard fight.  Here the fight is better than most places and we are constantly asked why? - we are not 100% on this but the government fisheries scientists have stated that likely it has to do with having both shallow waters and large deep pools.

Second is the numbers - on Sydney and Kilburn Lakes people on average catch a couple of dozen walleyes per day - but many catch over 50 per day and some catch 100 or more per person in a day. We recommend a golf stroke counter if you would like to keep track.

Third is the average size - the average catch is about 2 1/2 pounds, but this can very as many schools of fish that you run into will have a larger average size of 3 1/2 pounds. You can literally fish until your arms get sore.

Fourth, the trophies - A trophy walleye is 27 + inches, many are caught and released every year between 27 and 30 inches, that's 7 to 10 pounds - but better still their are bigger walleyes yet that are caught every year over 30 inches - the biggest walleyes for the season are in this class and range from 10 to 14 lbs+.

Fifth, good fishing all season -  from the opener in May to the end of September the variety of structures, deep and shallow waters as well as both clear and dark waters is the perfect environment for a very healthy walleye population - you can come on up and hammer the walleyes when you want to.

Sixth, its all natural - There is no stocking on our lakes the high quality fishery is as nature made it, we are near the headwaters of our lakes and river system and there is no upstream development and never was, that means no pollutants - it also helps to have a remote location and a very long standing conservation policy.

Seventh the right equipment - Sydney Lake Lodge has 16 foot Lund boats with 15 and 20 hp four stroke motors - they get you to where you want to go quickly but still troll down slow enough for slow trolling which is very effective for catching lots of walleyes.  The type of motors is also selected because they will run at a troll all day without fouling up like 2 stroke motors. They are also more fuel efficient than 2 stroke motors and friendlier for the environment.

Eighth,  good eats - walleye is great eating and the fish here is 100% organic.  Fresh walleye tastes so damn good and its good for you. Shore lunch is a great experience and all of our cabins have kits with pots, pans, racks and utensils as well as propane cookers and fuel ready at the boat dock.

Walleye Fishing is nothing short of spectacular on Sydney and Kilburn Lakes. Years of conservation fishing and the policy that all trophy sized fish are to be returned has kept this fishery very healthy and a thrill to experience. The fish are here, come and catch them there's lots of em and there big. All of the fish shown on this page have been released alive and are now bigger and waiting for a tasty treat. Walleye fishing trips in Northern Ontario - The way fishing in Canada should be!

Ontario Walleye Season

In Northern Ontario the walleye season starts on the third Saturday in May this coincides with the end of walleye spawning and is when the fishing really heats up. The Canadian Walleye opener is a favourite with many fishermen as the action is great and nothing beats a good feed of fresh walleyes. This long weekend is the Victoria Day Holiday in Canada we call this "The Opener".. Memorial Day is a week later in the US. During walleye season we are open from the opener in the spring, all summer and close in the fall at the end of September.

Detailed Walleye Fishing Information

Walleye Fishing Trips

Walleye Fishing Trips

Sydney Lake Lodge offers packages for Canadian walleye fishing trips from three to seven days.  You can fish exclusively walleyes or mix it up with northern pike and lake trout fishing. Its your fishing vacation, fish what you want when you want.  Check out our fishing trip packages for more details.

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Ontario Walleye Fishing

Walleye Fishing

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Canada Walleye Fishing
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