Trophy Fish Calculator

Northern Pike fishing

Trophy Calculator

Trophy fish are measured today by length for catch and release purposes. This ensures a higher survival rate for the fish.

To find out the weight of your fish use the chart to determine the approximate weight.

Trophy measurments are:

27" for walleye

38" for northern pike

32" for Lake Trout


Trophy Calculator

Measuring Your Catch

Northern pike and walleye are measured in a straight forward manner from tip of the jaw to the end of the pinched tail to give the maximum length.

Lake trout are measured for lenght and girth to be able to calculate the approximate weight.

Use the following guide when measuring your trout, and measure the girth at its maximum extent.

Fish Measuring

Fish Handling

Best practices for handling your catch:

Return the fish to the water as quicky as possible

Hold the fish horizontally

Minimize handling of the fish

Barbless hooks / single hooks

Avoid jaw spreaders

Cut off the hook if badly hooked

Trophy Walleye