Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout Fishing

Sydney Lake offers some of Northern Ontario's finest Lake Trout Fishing. The average depth of Sydney Lake is 65 feet, and with a large area of 200+ foot water there is a large amount of Lake Trout Habitat. Lake Trout Fishing is a favourite amongst many experienced anglers who enjoy their unique fight and often amazing size.

Lake Trout Subspecies Variety

The many shallow dark bays around the lake combined with a large deep main lake make for highly productive nutrient zones in our waters. These areas produce ample feed for the large stock of Lake Trout on Sydney Lake. This difference in feed appears to produce 3 different variations in the Lake Trout. First is the dark near black skinned variety with white flesh. These are more common in Trout Bay, the Large Deep Bay at the end of the eastern arm of Kilburn Lake (Trout Bay Arm). Then there is the brown skinned lakers with orange colored flesh. The last type is Pink Salmon colored flesh with a light silvery colored flesh. These facts about the Lake Trout make for a more interesting trout fishing experience and culinary delights.

Lake Trout Habitat

Lake Trout like deep water (27'-80') and can be taken off structure by trolling and jigging. During spawning season the last two weeks of September as well as in May they are found in shallow water and are a blast to cast spoons and plugs at. The Trout prefer a water temperature of about 53 Degrees Fahrenheit, if you can find that temperature at depth you are well on your way to finding them.

Trophy Lake Trout Fishing

A Trophy Lake Trout is one that measures 30+ inches, the monster pictured below is 36 inches and over 30 pounds.  In May of 2010 Larry Lefco caught and released a 39 inch Trophy. Sydney Lake has an average depth of 65 feet and has a very large and healthy Trout population and many Trophies waiting.


Lake Trout Fishing Trips

Sydney Lake Lodge offers 3 to 7 day Lake Trout fishing trips. Fish for Walleyes and Northern Pike too. Check out our fishing trip packages for more information on a trip to our lake trout fishing lodge.

Lake Trout Fishing Trips

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 Lake Trout Fishing
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